The Founding Fathers of MBU have an annual tournament in the  Greater Boston, MA area in celebration of the

First Ever Mt Bike Ultimate Tournament

a little something we call...


aka The MBU World Championships

Annual Winners:

2019:  David Stoffragen, Lee Doyle, Rob Ide

2018:  Jack Maxwell, David Stoffragen, Craig Duhamel

2017:  Chris Borden, Chris Hallgren, Vic Impink

2016:  Jim G., Dave Freed, Jeff Pollak

2015:  Jim G., Rob Ide, Lee Doyle

2014:  Chris Borden, Jim King, Craig Duhamel

2013:  Mark Ide, Rob Ide, Butch Lantz, David Stoffragen* (injury sub for Butch in finals)

2012:  Vic Impink, Lee Doyle, Butch Lantz

2011:  Vic Impink, Jim G., Lee Doyle

2010:  Butch Lantz, Vic Impink, Dave Freed

2009:  Chris Hallgren, Lee Doyle and Mark Ide

2008:  Jeff Pollak, Victor Impink, Mark Ide, Lee Doyle

2007:  Victor Impink, Lee Doyle, Jim King

2006:  Dave Freed, Vic Impink, Steve Bryer

2005:  Jim King, Lee Doyle, Victor Impink

2004:  Chris Hallgren, Lee Doyle, Jim King

2003:  Jim G., Samir Latif, Henry Baker

2002:  Dave Freed, Ken White, Chris Hallgren

2001:  Jack Maxwell, Chris Borden, Rob Ide

2000:  Vic Impink, Steve Bryer & Dave Freed

1999:  Chris Borden, Rob Ide, Dave Freed

1998:  No tournament :^(

1997:  Rob Ide, Jack Maxwell, Lee Doyle

1996:  Jim G., Jeff Pollak, Steve Bryer

The Winningest FEMBUT Weiners:

10 Wins:  Lee D

9 Wins:  Vic

6 Wins:  Dave F, Rob I

5 Wins:  Jim G

4 Wins:  Jim K, Chris B

3 Wins:  Mark I, Steve B, Chris H, Butch L, Jeff P, Jack Max

2 Wins:  Chris H, Craig D, David Stoffragen (2.5*)

1 Win:    Ken W, Samir, Henry